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Decoy Training with Jeff Frawley and Leerburg's New Seynaeve Bite Suits

Posted: 01-19-2011 • Length: 8 Minutes, 10 Seconds
Categories: Protection Work, Training Equipment, Working/Sport Dog Training
My son, Jeff, is learning to be a decoy. The past two weekends we have had our friends here at our new training center for a fun weekend of work. Mark Keating from Red Star Kennels in Hudson, WI and Forrest Micke from Rintininn near Appleton, WI, have been helping Jeff learn decoy skills. In this video, you will see Jeff work Donna Matey's dog, Jackson, and my 17 month old mal puppy, Bart. Both Mark and Forrest are helping Jeff learn the skills needed to work Jackson, who is a three time National Mondioring 3 champion. Jackson is a very well trained dog. He is also a very tough dog, several years ago Jackson broke a decoy's leg in multiple places. He takes Jeff to the ground twice in this video.
January 17, 2011 | 8 Minutes, 10 Seconds

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