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2002 Schutzhund USA National Championship - Part 2

Posted: 01-01-2008 • Length: 2 Hours, 4 Minutes, 48 Seconds
Categories: Dog Sports

2002 Schutzhund USA National Championship held in Gadsden, Alabama. There were 141 entries in the competition. Featured in this video is the protection performance of Darryl Jones & Magbert v Blitzen Stein (GSD)85-83-95=263 62nd place, obedience performance of Louis Rossi & Arko v Conneforde (GSD) 96-86-96=278 19th place, obedience performance of Dean Calderon & Rex v Karthago (GSD) 98-96-92=286, protection performance of Terrell Floyd & Ike v t'Heukske (GSD) 97-95-87=279 18th place, protection performance of Debra Zappia & Escobar v Adelrik (GSD)97-96-98=291 2nd place, protection phase of Philip Safriet & Sarec v Haus Antverpa (GSD) 99-90-94=283 10th place, obedience phase of Mark Przybylski & George (GSD) 91-0-54 No score given, protection performance of Charles Porter & Quick Silver Casa de Mandingo's (Bouvier) 96-70-84=250 93rd place, protectioin phase of Jim Hall & Archi v d Regenpfutze (GSD) 98-88-86=272 40th place, protection phase of Cathy Jobe & Cliff v Wildenburger Land (GSD) 99-93-96=288 6th place, obedience performance of Gordon Hines & Gino (Malinois) 92-93-92=277

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