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Posted: 07-20-2012 • Length: 4 Minutes, 40 Seconds
Categories: Misc
Ed Frawley and one of the Rush-Deja puppies go over a few of the new and exciting things we are doing here at Leerburg, including the new Establishing Pack Structure with Your Puppy DVD and the two new Michael Ellis DVDs that got put on hold but are now back in production and will be filmed next week.

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5/5 stars

I was very sorry to hear of your loss of Hondo. Thanks for the update and all the great work you do to educate the public. I use your DVDs to teach my own clients and it makes it so much easier than to have to repeat myself over and over when I can just watch/review the DVD particular to what they need to learn. You may have noticed that I am also selling a few of them for you too. I believe that the "power of playing tug w your dog" DVD is a ground breaking new paradigm in dog training. When my wordpress skills are better I will apply for your affiliate program.

Earl Newland,Kansas City Dog Whisperer.

ps. I have been following you since I attended a police and ring seminar at Vom Kaiserhoff's in Newton Ks. in 1986. I was the guy w the blk gsd. I'm a huge fan of your work.

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