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Play Demo from the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers

Posted: 09-07-2012 • Length: 4 Minutes, 45 Seconds
Categories: Michael Ellis, Play
This short video is taken directly from Michael Ellis' class titled Obedience Intensive. This portion of the class is on how to play with your dog and how to later apply that play into your training program. In this video, you will see Michael Ellis giving some one on one training to Jeremy, a student in the class. Michael is teaching Jeremy how to properly play with his own personal dog, Pi. At the end of the video, Michael will demonstrate the same skills at full speed. Obedience intensive is the first class in Michael Ellis' system for training dogs. We recommend all dog trainers attend this class.

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5/5 stars

Entertaining video and interesting to watch, however, I own a Vizsla and try not to play tug of war with him since he is supposed to be "soft-mouthed." Another thing is that I am only 120lbs and my dog is 55lbs, so if I did play tug of war with him, he would probably win every time. I do enjoy all of the videos and products that Leerburg has to offer. I really appreciate all of the free training videos and product e-mails that I receive.

Keep up the good work, and of course, Leerburg is my #1 online dog training website!!

5/5 stars

Nothing, but outstanding. The usual Michael Ellis. Great video.

5/5 stars

Loved the video! It gave me a great visual picture of playing tug with my dogs. I have three rescues and they have had issues and now are just beginning to want to play. I appreciate the videos you make and all of them have helped me greatly in my dog training. This video looked like fun and I know my dogs will love playing soon.