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Q and A with Michael Ellis

Posted: 12-05-2012 • Length: 9 Minutes, 26 Seconds
Categories: Michael Ellis
At the end of every one of Michael Ellis' classes, he opens the floor to unrelated questions. This one happens to be during the E-collar course that was hosted here at Leerburg. The question comes from a police K9 handler and pertains to how, as a police K9 handler without access to well trained decoys, he could fix some problems with a "chewy" bite. Michael discusses a few fundamental training methods to help with this as well as a brief discussion on genetics and how they can play into this.

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5/5 stars

As a CDT K9 trainer and a CMH student whom works with working K9s; I found this video very uplifting and informative in Michael's answers and responses toward police K9 applications and K9 genetics. I have followed his teaching methods through videos and seminars. And also via Leerburg training video productions. They have been an invaluable resource over my last three years of training with working dogs. One of the best video news letters in a while, that struck close to my heart and passion; basics and applications based on your dog. Very true, and not often thought of is Decoy training and application in working with the handler. I reviewed Decoy certification this morning, realizing they are in short supply, and have a great demand for certified Decoys. Proper basics, repetition, and making it fun to LEARN for the dog is often overlooked; departments do focus in the now or line of duty act, when training with their K9s. It has to be kept FUN for the dog, and keeping to the basics...we often train and can't SEE the obvious behaviors, or routine that causes stressors for them. Excellent Q & A for all types or trainers and Police professionals. A great post and video newsletter!!

Woof Pack Training, NC.

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