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Michael Ellis and the Importance of Understanding Ecollars

Posted: 12-13-2012 • Length: 3 Minutes, 11 Seconds
Categories: E-collars, Michael Ellis
Michael Ellis discusses the importance of understanding the training tools that you use with your dog. In this short video, Michael will explain why he tests his e-collar on himself at the same levels he will be using on his dog. This short lecture was taken directly from Michael Ellis' class on the Proper Use of an Electric Collar.

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5/5 stars

Helpful comments. I periodically test my ecollar at the level I have it for my dog. It actually makes me less hesitant to use it when needed since it's set at a level that isn't painful at all to me--just enough to get my attention. It's a powerful tool that needs to be respected at all times and used thoughtfully.

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