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Andrew Ramsey Varying Rewards

Posted: 01-18-2013 • Length: 1 Minute, 6 Seconds
Categories: Dog Sports
Andrew Ramsey discusses the importance of changing your reward. This is not only applicable to Nosework, but all forms of dog training.

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5/5 stars

Love the Nosework DVD, it is very well put together and seeing dogs of varying breeds, ages and level of training is superb. I have 8 dogs of varying breeds that I am working in both tracking and nosework and they just love this form of training. Reward, as Andrew Ramsey explains, can be varied, food, toys or all of one or other. My dogs will work for either food or toys but I know 'food' is the highest motivator with all of them but I do switch but with care as I don't want the dogs to lose the desire to search. There is nothing better than watching a dog who really loves the work he's doing. Andrew I want more :-) Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience.

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