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Your Dog's Capabilities

Posted: 02-07-2013 • Length: 2 Minutes, 47 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience/Marker Training
Michael Ellis discusses some of the physical and mental limitations of dogs. He also discusses the limitations of both the dog and the trainer.

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5/5 stars

Michael puts this so well and it is the truth as handlers we need to see and accept our dogs for who they are. As instructors we need to constantly remind are students that all dogs can't be good at everything, it makes them no less a dog, a companion, friend nor will it undermine the loyalty a dog gives us unconditionally. Thank you Michael for another informative clip.

5/5 stars

Great topic! Now for the next step - how to ascertain your dogs' capabilities.. And maybe, if you're game, how to recognise ones own shortcomings as a trainer. Thanks for this great video :-)

5/5 stars

Right on! Applies to human beings as well!! Our schools and the 'politically correct' should keep this in mind.

5/5 stars

What DVD are these recent ME posts from? They are very informative.