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PTSD and Dogs

Posted: 02-11-2013 • Length: 3 Minues, 3 Seconds
Categories: Behavioral Problems
Michael Ellis discusses some of the brain chemistry related to humans and PTSD and the correlations to dogs shutting down when faced with a fight or flight situation.

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5/5 stars

I wish they'd come out with a video on this. I've had dogs with this and used Prozac with great results and let me retrain them so they didn't need it anymore. I've also used it successfully with adhd dogs. I thinks it's an interesting topic that they should expand on info wise on here.

5/5 stars


Luckily, I have never dealt with this syndrome in my dogs, I did rescue a race track reject horse years ago. I am now guessing that one of his quirks was actually a sign of PTSD. When asked for anything faster than a trot under saddle, he would go blank - even his eyes would look wrong. I finally got him to canter, but he was never comfortable with it.

I wish this could be a mandatory topic for trainers of all species.

Thank you for sharing insight.

5/5 stars

It was a short video with such amazing wealth of information!!

5/5 stars

This is very interesting...Is the topic about applying electric shock from a collar? I suppose this, theoretically, is applicable in all situations when training your dog? Would you agree Michael?

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