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Categories: Feeding Dogs , Health

Q. My dog had a mesenteric torsion surgery & had 30% of his small intestine removed. He recovered and is doing well except for horrible gas. Do you have any recommendations?
My 1 1/2 year old Golden suffered from bad GI issues as a pup. Ended up having surgery at nine months: vet called from OR and said it's mesenteric torsion. Basically asking if I wanted to stop the surgery and put the pup down. I decided to finish the surgery and see what happened. Vet removed an estimated 30% of the small intestine. Miraculously the dog recovered and is thriving with no apparent side affects, except the dog has terrible intermittent gas. I had him on Pro Plan salmon and oatmeal for sensitive stomach and skin (vet's recommendation). I recently changed him to Horizon. Gas is better but not 100% better. Any recommendations for food or anything else to improve the situation? Stools are normal.
But the gas can kill us!

A. I'd get him off of processed foods altogether so his body doesn't have to work so hard to access the nutrition. We have a great section on feeding dogs on the website.

I'm a huge advocate of raw feeding, here is a Q&A section on raw feeding.

If you don't want to switch his food at this point, I'd at least add some digestive enzymes to each feeding and add some probiotics to help his gut maintain "good" bacteria.

I hope this helps.
Cindy Rhodes
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Probiotic Powder
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