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Q&A on Introducing Dogs
I have 2 German Shepherds and my female is scared of the male. She hides and barks when he is out. Any tips?
I recently acquired a new dog from my son because she nipped my grandbaby. The new dog is not getting along with one of my older dogs. I'm not sure what else to do, please help!
We have 3 dogs in our house and a friend is moving in with their dog. Our oldest dog and the youngest dog keep trying to pick fights with our friend's dog. How can we prevent this?
One of my dogs is getting sores on her skin from our other dog's saliva when they play. Is there anything we can put on her fur to make it taste bad, but won't cause her any arm?
I have posted some videos of my puppy interacting with my mom’s puppy, would you be willing to view the footage and tell me what you think?
Any advice on how to socialize a 12 week old GSD and 8 month old Dachshund safely?
My dog has started attacking one of my other dogs who has heart problems. I'm afraid my dog is going to kill the other dog. What would you suggest I do?
We have tried to introduce our rescue dog to other dogs. She is very aggressive, growls, shows her teeth, and even went after another dog once. Is there anything you can recommend?
we recently acquired a third dog and she isn't getting along well with one of my other dogs. Are we too late to put the newest dog in a crate now? Can we turn back the clock and re-re-introduce the new dog?
I currently have 6 dogs and I'm bringing in a Mal pup. Any advice on helping introduce him correctly to the pack?
One of our dogs, a lab, has always displayed some dog aggression and we just got a Chihuahua. I'm worried about some of the behavior our lab is now showing. What do you suggest?


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