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Q&A on Nosework
If I order the Nosework Scent Kit and run out of prepared swabs how do I prepare new ones?
I was wondering what you guys think of using one certain piece of equipment just for nosework that tells the dog when you wear this you are working. I've heard guide dog and tracking people say that they only use a particular harness when the dog is working and they get the idea that when they put that one thing on it's time to go to work. What do you think?
My dog recently had surgery and I need to keep her calm until she’s recovered. What can you suggest to keep her energy level down during the healing process?
My dog is using his eyes and not his nose when doing nosework. What should I do?
When do you start nosework with a puppy? Is there an odor that you typically start with? If so, when do you add the additional odors?
How much equipment is necessary for Nosework? Can you give me an idea of what I will need in order to get started before I commit to buying the DVD?
I'm having some issues using the food delivery device in nosework. What would you suggest?
My trainer and I disagree on using markers while teaching nosework. What are your thoughts?
Is there a national nosework organization?
How often should I give a search command during nosework?
How long should a nosework session be?
How long does it take to train your dog in nosework?
What are your thoughts on training aids, working in a sterile environment and cross contamination in nosework?
What is rewarding from the source and how is it different from other training methods?
How do you Desensitize Your Dog to the Payment Delivery Process in Nosework?


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