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Q&A on Leerburg Products
We are using the Educator 3/4" contact points for our Malinois. Are these the correct size?
What's the best way to keep the snow from building up between my dog's toes?
Will Grand Flex help my GSD's digestive issues?
My puppy is having his ears cropped and the vet prescribes Rimadyl for post surgical pain. Do you have a suggestion for pain medication instead of Rimadyl?
Will the bark collar shock my dog when he drinks water or chews on a bone?
I have 9 week old GSD who chews on all leashes. I need short one for her drag in house. Any recommendations??
What sleeve would you recommend for a 6 month old Malinois?
Is the "Finishing Work" video used after training all behaviors, ie: basic obedience, heeling, retrieve, send away, etc. Or is it used after training each behavior?
Would one of your service dog vests be suitable as a safety belt harness?
My dog needs a prong collar to walk nice on a leash, but I can't get it fitted correctly. Would a collar with smaller links fit better?
Do the Kelp and Alfalfa Powder expire?
I am using dog boots on my Border Collie. How long can I keep then on her without doing damage to her paws?
How concerned should I be about getting the Top-Matic magnets near electronic items?
Is there any reason why the thick haired contact points can be felt at such a lower level?
I just got a fur saver from your store. The end rings are the same size, how do I put one end ring inside the other to make a loop?
I'm looking for an easy on, adjustable Fly Ball harness with a handle. What would you suggest?
What is the difference in transmitter sizes for the Educator Remote Collars?
Have the Educator units held up well for you...? Are they rugged?
On the ecollar comparison chart, 5 tabs down it says Different Levels for Each Dog. What is that?
Can I purchase an additional strap for my Educator collar so I can switch the receiver between collars to use on a 40 lb. dog or a 100 lb. dog?


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