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Q&A on Puppy Pack Structure
My new Malinois puppy will not stop barking/whining and crying in the crate, she chews on the bars and throws a tantrum. I've had her for 2 days and 2 nights, do you have any suggestions?
We have a 4 month old puppy that displays uncontrollable aggression to other dogs. We socialize him at pet stores, horse shows and with kids at every opportunity. I'm concerned because he's going to outweigh me when he's mature and he has already lunged at my friends dog and his teeth nicked me in the thigh when I got in the way.
My German Shepherd puppy literally has to be under me ever second I am around. Can you suggest any corrective measures I can take or will he be fine being that completely dependent on me?
I have a stubborn puppy who refuses to walk on the lead. Is it just his age? Is he genuinely too young and scared of the outside world? Or is he playing on my love and gullibility?
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