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Q&A on Educator Collars
Is the Educator ET300 appropriate for a Dutch Shepherd and a Malinois?
I purchased the Educator ET500 & now I wonder if it's appropriate for my dog. He's an 80 pound German Shepherd.
I have a question about using the collar for the recall, specifically after watching Training the Recall with Michael Ellis.
Is there any reason why the thick haired contact points can be felt at such a lower level?
We are debating on whether to purchase a bark collar for both our dogs or an Educator training collar. What would you recommend?
What is the difference in transmitter sizes for the Educator Remote Collars?
Have the Educator units held up well for you...? Are they rugged?
Who manufactures the Educator collars? Is the company known to honor their warranties with reasonable labor costs and/or handling fees? Does the company stand behind its products?
On the ecollar comparison chart, 5 tabs down it says Different Levels for Each Dog. What is that?
Can I purchase an additional strap for my Educator collar so I can switch the receiver between collars to use on a 40 lb. dog or a 100 lb. dog?
I understand a stretch strap comes with one of the Educator units. Will the stretch strap work with all units? If so, can I purchase it separately?
Is there an indicator on the Educator receivers and transmitters showing low batteries?
What kind of battery do the Educator ecollars use for the receiver and transmitter?
What is the difference between Educator collars and other e-collars?


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