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Q&A on Playing With Your Dog
What online course would be right for my dog?
My dog is ball obsessed, she will never spit it out. Nothing works. Can you help?
My dog has a bad hip, can I still play tug with him? Is playing tug hard on the joints?
When I play with my 6 month old GSD off leash she won't bring the toy back. Should I go to the ecollar for this problem?
Can you maybe give me some advice about how I can teach my pup that playing with other people (me, my boyfriend and so on) is fun?
My dogs favorite toy is a ball on a rope. She will out a sleeve or a tug, but not the ball. What should I do?
I am hesitant to develop my dog's tugging skills because her mouth bleeds when we tug. Is this common? Is it something I should go to the vet about?
I try to play with and train my dog every day, but he won’t OUT for me. Can you tell me anything about this, and perhaps give me a pointer?
Are dogs naturally fans of water? Do you have to get them used to it? How do I get my dogs having fun in the pool and exercising?
Can you suggest a bite tug for my GSD to use as a reward in obedience training?
If you get to the point where you say 'yes' and they aren't that interested, does that mean you 'outplayed them' with it? Should I stop the game sooner?
My puppy is in training for agility and only likes to tug on my sweatshirt arms while I'm wearing it. Should I get a puppy sleeve and let her continue to tug on my arm?
My dog only has food drive, can I still benefit from Focused Heeling with Michael Ellis? Also, if I’m not interested in competition can I still do this type of training?
We need some ideas for playing with our dog. He does not fetch, retrieve, or anything of that nature. Any suggestions would be great!
I haven't used a toy as a reward for training, only thrown toys for the dog to bring back. How do I break him from just wanting to chase toys?
When I play tug with my dog he gets really excited and sometimes gets my hand. Can you give me any advice?
I’m struggling to bring prey drive out in my 15 week old GSD puppy. He has no interest in a ball or a rag, do you have any suggestions?
My 8 month old dog won't release the Frisbee when I play with him, what’s the best way to teach a dog to return and toy and release it?
My young dog is yelping and whining when we play tug. Is this good or bad?
My 7 month old dog will run away with the tug when we are playing, what do you suggest?


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