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Q&A on Crate Training
My rescue dog won't go in her crate, what should I do?
My new 3 1/2 month old puppy goes beserk in the crate or ex-pen. Would an ecollar be warranted?
My new Malinois puppy will not stop barking/whining and crying in the crate, she chews on the bars and throws a tantrum. I've had her for 2 days and 2 nights, do you have any suggestions?
We have a rescue dog that becomes very anxious & fearful when we are going to put her in a crate, do you have any suggestions?
Our dog was crate trained at the foster house he lived in before. However, we've been having trouble getting him into the crate. Can we reverse his reaction to his crate?
My dog is crate aggressive but only to my new puppy, do you have any suggestions?
Should we allow our 4 month old GSD puppy access to water while he’s crated during the day while we are gone?
I’ve been trying to crate train my 4 month old dachshund puppy for a month and he won’t stop barking at night, what should I do?
We will be moving overseas to Japan (military) with our dog. Any tips in general and any favorite pet shippers?
Have you ever had a problem with moisture build up in indoor kennels during the winter? How did you handle it?
Due to health reasons, my husband and I sleep apart and the dogs sleep with him. One of the dogs recently nipped at me when I tried to love her in their bed. What should I do?
I have a small 14 lb dog that I want to keep in the kitchen during the day while at work. How well would this pen would work? Does it have stabilizers that would keep the dog from knocking over the pen? Do you have any other recommendations short of using a crate?
My husband doesn't like to have a huge crate hanging around in our house. Is it possible to substitute the crate for a 6ft lead tied either in the dining room or our bed post, to follow your instruction on establishing pack leadership in our house?
I will be bringing home a new pup shortly. I'm concerned that I might not always be able to break up the day with a trip home from work to give him a break. Do you have any suggestions?
I recently adopted a dog and have started trying to establish pack structure and it's been an uncomfortable experience. Is this establishing method appropriate for my dog?
We have 4 month old male German Shorthairs. We currently crate them together but are wondering if and when we should move them into seperate crates.
What size are the aluminum bars on the full ventilation crate? Do you use a certain grade of aluminum that won't stain white dogs?
When I reach for my dog's collar to put him in the crate, he tries to bite me. I think this is because of hatred for his crate. Do you have any suggestions on how to reduce his hatred for his crate?
We're crate training our new pup and she howls & barks excessively. If this contines for days or weeks, at what point do I intervene? How old does a dog need to be to use a bark collar?
My puppy will be about 6 pounds when I get him, what size crate should I get? Can I get a medium sized crate and put something in it to take up extra space while he's young and remove it when he gets to be big?


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