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Q&A on Bottle Feeding
At what age do you introduce Honest Kitchen to your litters of pups?
I started feeding your formula and my pup has gained weight, but he is still twitching and having seizures. Is there anything I can do to help him?
I'm using your bottle feeding recipe. At first I used fresh goats milk, but am now using milk replacer powder. The puppies seem to not like the formula now. What should I do?
I have a 3 week old pup that has aspirated some milk and is acting lethargic, vomiting, etc. Any advice?
Your bottle feeding recipe works great, but would you know why the mother had no milk?
Can I use evaporated FILE milk in your bottle feeding formula?
Has your formula been used on other types of animals? How would you feel about this being used on fawns?
Is it necessary to use a teaser female when collecting semen for artificial insemination?
My dog had 3 pups and they all appear very healthy. She has ever since the delivery, refused to clean the sacs from or even feed them on her own. What to do?
We have one 'runt' that we have on your formula. How often should we feed him? Should start on solid food? My vet says feed every 3 hours, but his appetite has dwindled since.
I’m using your formula for a litter of boxer pups and after I’m done feeding them formula comes out through their noses. Am I overfeeding them?
I have a litter of 3 American Bulldog pups that are 2 days old. They are quiet, warm, nursing, and seem plenty strong but they are skinny. Do you have any suggestions?
I have a very weak bulldog puppy that I am tube feeding her every 3 hours. I was wondering can I feed her every 2 hours and if so do I split the formula dosage?
Our bitch had just one puppy and he’s now 6 days old and hasn’t gained even one ounce. What do you think?
I want to use your bottlefeeding formula for my litter of puppies but I can’t find corn syrup, can I use glucose syrup?
I'm using your bottlefeeding formula and I'm having a hard time getting the hole in the nipple the right size. Would a Y slit work??
We have recently found out that we are expecting a very large litter. Any advice?
My dog just had puppies, what should I do - if anything at this time?
My store did not have the canned goats milk but did have a carton of cold pasteurized goats milk with added Vit D. Is that fine to use?
My dog just had puppies and the vet's recommendations don't seem to be helping. Help!


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