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Q&A on Bottle Feeding
I am considering feeding the bitch the formula. We are always struggling to keep weight on her, would help her put on weight and condition?
Can a bottle fed puppy be a good working dog?
My GSD just had 11 pups and I have a few questions.
I received my puppies much too early from the breeder that I bought them from and your formula is working great!
Does the recipe has enough iron in it. None of the ingredients contain iron except maybe the egg yolks. Do I need to add some liquid vitamin to this formula?
I have been using your formula recipe, but the pups are barely drinking now. Am I doing something wrong or will they eat when they are hungry?
The nipples I'm using to bottle feed keep getting clogged. Help!
Our dogs get on the furniture when we are not home. What can we do?


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