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Q&A on Training With Food
I've been working engagement training for 2 months and my dog whines a lot. Should I correct him for this?
How do I wean a dog from a raised target or touch pad to a flat target?
I'm having a lot of fun training my dog with your marker DVD. Will he be as responsive if we're out and about and I don't have a treat with me or he's not hungry?
My question is about your food based reward system. Do your dogs ever behave like normal dogs or are they always staring at you? I'd like a dog that understands to be attentive when it's time to work but isn't staring at me 24/7.
As my puppy gets older I'm finding it harder to get engagement with food. He's gotten to the point where he's not even interested in steak. Do you have any advice?
If my puppy refuses a command, do I say NO or just lure him into the position I asked for?
We have consulted with 3 trainers about training our aggressive 9 month old dog. Two of them said that you should not use food for training as it increases dominant behavior in dogs. Can you give us some advice?
I've had a few high drive GSDs, great dogs but they can't seem to relax in the house. I was never able to find the off switch. Do you have a DVD about this?
I have some questions after watching the new Power of Training with Food.
Can you give me some tips on how to get my dog to lay down faster?
Can I give my puppy (who is learning marker training) a treat at an odd time without saying YES? In other words, Does she have to hear the word YES come out of my mouth before she receives a treat?
How do I get my high food drive GSD puppy to except food reward more gently?
Is there ever a time you would use low value food in training?
I recently joined a schutzhund club with my adult dog and some of the members have suggested I withhold food from my dog to get him to focus more on me. Where does this kind of training cross the line? I don’t want to starve my dog! I need some advice.
What do you think about using a lure when building muscle memory for downs, sits, and other commands? Do you name the command when you have the response you want OR would you name it and work out those kinks with the cue in your
Is a dog ever too young or too old to start training using the methods shown in The Power of Training Dogs with Food and The Power of Playing Tug with your Dog?
My 8 month old Rottie growls at me when I try and take his toy away. What should I do?
How do I teach the stay command to my dog?
How can I improve my dog's food drive and motivation?
What treats to do you use when you train?


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