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Q&A on Playing Tug With Your Dog
I was playing with my dog off leash and when I released him to get the tug he ran past me and attacked a dog that was walking past our house. Did playing tug activate his aggression?
My puppy is teething, is there a soft tug I can use for playing with her right now?
How do I get my dog to bring the tug back to me after I let him have it?
I was doing the OUT command with the tug and my dog was chewing the tug. He wouldn't release and chewed on my hand so I grabbed the tug and smacked him on the head, now he shies away from the tug. What can I do?
My 9 month old Doberman commits to biting the sleeve well during bite work but doesn't want to grip the tug and hold it when playing with me. Any tips you could share would be great.
My 3.5 month old pup and I have been playing tug but he wants to lay down as we play, is this a problem and if so what should I do?
My dog is ball obsessed, she will never spit it out. Nothing works. Can you help?
My dog pays too much attention to the neighbor dogs behind the fence and he won't come when I call him. I need to work on his recall, do you have any suggestions? Do you recommend a tug toy?
My dog has a bad hip, can I still play tug with him? Is playing tug hard on the joints?
I am thinking about purchasing some tugs for my 4 month old. Which tug would you recommend?
My dog growls when we play tug, is this bad?
I've watched The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog and my Malinois loves to tug. The problem is she is biting my hands while tugging. How can I show her the proper way?
Completed the first two Michael Ellis DVDs and 11 month old dog is progressing great EXCEPT he has 'sticky' outs. I'm thinking I need to simply step back and work on his outs again, but how far do I step back in Michaels system of dog training?
Should I wear gloves for safety while playing tug with my dog to protect my hands?
My dog has started to shut down when I bring out the tug. What do you suggest I do?
My 8 month old Rottie growls at me when I try and take his toy away. What should I do?
My 10 month old dog won’t bring the tug back when we play, he flops down and holds it between his paws. Do you have any advice?
My dog will play tug with me and bring the tug back but when I go to grab it to reengage he drops it. How would I go about countering this tendency?
I'm having a hard time switching from food to toy rewards, do you have any suggestions?
Any suggestions for a 1 year old lab that engages well, takes the tug on command, and enthusiastically plays and outs well but will not bring the tug back to me?


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