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Q&A on Playing Tug With Your Dog
Looking for information/article/video on teaching our dog to out an object.
My doberman holds the tug by the handles instead of the bite area. How can I stop him from playing with the handles?
My dogs favorite toy is a ball on a rope. She will out a sleeve or a tug, but not the ball. What should I do?
We have a very small female puppy and are working with her to encourage prey drive as a start for protection. What tug is the best for a smaller dog and are there any special training techniques for working such a small slow developing dog?
A client's dog, who I've been working with since he was a pup, tryies to bite at me and stares me down now. What are your thoughts on the situation?
How can you become pack leader and let your dog win and play-train for protection?
I'm experiencing some equipment bias with my dog. The tug video mentions this, but could you further explain what I should do to fix this?
My dogs don't have a strong prey drive. Should I work on more prey drive and try to teach them to play tug?
When playing tug and I let my dog have the tug, he runs away with the tug, sits and tries to just chew on it. How do I get the dog to bring the tug back once I let him have it?
I am hesitant to develop my dog's tugging skills because her mouth bleeds when we tug. Is this common? Is it something I should go to the vet about?
Do you think you will ever make a DVD that helps you introduce the 'Ellis Method' to an already trained adult dog?
My female pup, 6 months old, has crazy ball drive. After watching the video, I tried to train with tugs, as advised by Michael. I'm having some problems with this, could you please advise?
I try to play with and train my dog every day, but he won’t OUT for me. Can you tell me anything about this, and perhaps give me a pointer?
My puppy is in training for agility and only likes to tug on my sweatshirt arms while I'm wearing it. Should I get a puppy sleeve and let her continue to tug on my arm?
My dogs like to play tug but they prefer other toys. Should I put away all the other toys and make their fun revolve around tugs until the game is more firmly established?
I have a 2 year old GSD that I started tugging with and she loves it. The only problem is that she wants to put her paws up on my arms while tugging. How can I correct this?
I have a younger dog I am doing Schutzhund with and would like implement agility as well. Our trainer says teaching 2 different things may confuse her.
Which tug toy would you recommend using with the new Tug DVD?
My pup will play with her tug like crazy at home. When I take her to the training field or down the street she ignores it. What should I do?
Is it too late to teach my 2.5 year old dog a reliable out?


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