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Q&A on Socializing Dogs
Our brother-in-law does Schutzhund with his German Shepherd and when we visit he asks us to ignore the dog and not pet it. We are dog lovers and it feels wrong for me to treat the dog as though I don't want to pet it. What is your opinion on how we should treat this dog?
My dog is fearful of people he doesn't know and today a stranger reached out towards my dog and he snapped at the guy. Should I have walked away sooner?
I take my dogs to a place for grooming that offers dog socialization. My older dog loves this but I am not comfortable allowing my puppy to interact with these other dogs. The owner of the facility says I am sheltering my puppy & I need to re…
My husband and I will be training a lab puppy to do therapy work. How and when do we introduce our dog to non-handler human interaction in a way that does not undermine your engagement and socialization training?
My dog has begun to guard me and occasionally growls at other dogs and people. He also recently bit my other dog. Any advice on how to handle this situation?
How do I deal with people who want to touch/pat my Shepherds? Despite telling people to leave my dogs alone they still try to touch them, suggestions please!
Should I allow my 11 week old puppy time to explore the environment a little when working on engagement?
When people get within 3-5 feet of my 7 month old pup she gets worried. She gets behind me, gets her hair up and makes noise. How do I get her to be ok around strangers?
My 10 1/2 month old dog has tons of drive to work but I've focused on protection training & I'm afraid I haven't socialized him enough. Can you tell me what to do?
I read your article about dog parks and completely agree, do you have the same feeling about doggy daycare
I have an 11 month old GSD that hasn’t been socialized much. He is too old for the puppy video you have and was wondering is it too late to train him for good socialization skills?
We are struggling with building up the confidence of our 9 month old puppy. Where is the best place to start?
My dog is a therapy dog and makes this gurgley, growling sound when she visits with another dog. What am I doing wrong and how can I correct it?
My dog whines when we're out. Should I be correcting this? If so, how to I make sure she understands that the correction is for whining?
On your website you recommend not letting strangers pet or give treats to your dog so that the owner becomes the center of the dog's world (engagement); and so that the dog doesn't see strangers as sources of treats. However, almost universal in the description of the Doberman breed is the need for early and extensive socialization. Can you clear up this point for us?
My dog gets so hyped up and anxious around people that she loses all focus and doesn't follow commands. Do you think I should just not take her anywhere for a period of time and start over? I don’t know what else to do.
Where and how do you suggest getting enough well rounded socialization if you should avoid situations and places that might be unpredictable?
I have a problem with my dog barking at children.


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