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Q&A on Building Drive, Focus, and Grip
Do you think you will ever make a DVD that helps you introduce the 'Ellis Method' to an already trained adult dog?
One of the helpers took my dog out at 7 months and brought out his defense. Did this ruin my dog?
My 18 month old dog is doing good prey and defense. He is very strong-- too strong for my wife to handle. Can I add control without hurting his drive?
Is it possible for a dog to be working in Fight Drive, but as soon as the bite work is over the dog is wagging his tail and getting petted by the decoy?
I had to put down my male super GSD at 4 years. His littermate's sister has always taken a backseat role. I'm wondering if she'll ever step up to the plate?
I have inadvertently allowed my dog to have a chewy grip by throwing a ball for him as a reward. I'm looking for some advice as to how I can remedy this grip problem.
My dog has a lot of prey drive, but after watching the Building Drive & Focus DVD, I know I've done some things wrong. What do you suggest?
My dog has a great toy drive, but we have a problem with her grip - she is very mouthy. What do recommend?
I am wondering if the Building Drive & Focus DVD is the right thing for me and my dog. What do you think?
My dog does great with obedience work at home, but at the Schutzhund club she has a hard time paying attention to me. What do you suggest?
When going around in circles for 'Into My Arms,' after the first time, my dog doesn't want to go in a circle anymore. Should I try a prong collar?
My dog mugs me to get the toy when we do drive and focus work. How do I stop this?
I took my dog to a Schutzhund club and the trainer corrected my dog. He is now afraid of this person and will not perform at trials. What can I do?
My dog barks when I don't give him the ball when doing focus work. How do I stop this?
My 15 month old DDR pup loses interest in drive work after a few minutes. What can I do to build his drive up?
Can I do drive building work with my dog's favorite toy and play fetch with that same toy?
Should I use the bite command while I am training drive with my young dog?
My dog bites my hand when I try and make drive.
Should I use a Prong collar in the drive building?
My young dog jumps around when I try and bring her into my arms. She will sit for the focus but squirrel away when I try and get her into my arms.


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