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Q&A on Dog Aggression
I'm not actually having a problem, I just wanted to know if my German Shepherd is just being a German Shepherd or has he taken being protective to a whole new level.
Do you think what my dog is doing is a sign of aggression or toy aggression?
My roommate's friend brought her aggressive dog over and this dog and my dog got in a fight. Since then, she's been growling at other dogs, not biting, but still. How do I correct this bad behavior?
In the past two weeks, we have had some new puppies up the park and my dog has gone for them and pinned them down and growled and bit their cheek. What should I do?
My dog gets agressive when people play fight or wrestle. I have corrected her. I wonder if now someone actually is a threat, if she would intervene. What is the right thing to do when the dog can't distinguish play fighting from real?'
My dog is becoming aggressive when we use a prong collar. What should I do?
My boyfriend has two dogs that fight a lot and it has been worse lately. What would you suggest we do?
My mother in law has a dog that is violent to humans and her new dog. I don't feel safe going to her house anymore, or bringing my daughter there! What would be the best possible course of action in this situation?
Our dog used to snap at us when he was younger. We thought we had rectified the situation, but he has started doing it again. What advice can you give before we relocate him?
I got my dog as a guard dog and he has unpredictable episodes of aggression to other dogs. How do I keep him from killing other dogs.
Our dog has been crate trained and up to couple weeks ago was fine about going into it at night. Now all of a sudden when told to go to
Would an ecollar help me get my dogs focus back on me while around other dogs?
My 3 year old male is aggressive with other males only when I am around. Am I doing something wrong?
I accidentally hurt my dog and he yelped. When I went over to “apologize” to him he growled at me. How should I have handled this?
My dog has been growling at us, especially while he is eating. Can this be corrected with proper training or is he going to always be aggressive?
My 18 month old dog has started growling at strangers and the vet. I am committed to stopping this growling, can you make some dvd recommendations for me?
I need a muzzle for my dog who has recently shown aggression towards my eldest daugher. Please help!
Our dog has bitten me and attacks our other dogs. He started having seizures and is taking medication. I'm wondering if his behavior is training related or medical related. Please help!
One of my dogs has attacked one of my other dogs and a neighbor's dog. I want to put him down. I'm not comfortable with the idea that this can once again happen. What are your thoughts and or advice?
Our dog reactive rescue lunges at other dogs while walking. I am wondering if we should keep working with her as we are or would we be better off using an ecollar or dd collar?

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