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Q&A on Dog Aggression
My lab has become aggressive over the past couple years. What do we do?
I have two dogs who are in separate outdoor kennels during the day. I bring them in at night for a meal. When the younger is finished, he barks at his brother and they fight. Suggestions?
The lab mix puppy we recently adopted has been exhibiting some aggression which is quite unusual. I am wonder if we are handling this situation correctly and are open to suggestions.
I have a 5-year old male German Shepherd that is very aggressive towards the others shepherds when my female is in heat. Any suggestions would help.
My dog's behavior has gotten worse. Because dominance training isn't working, trainers are telling me it is a medical issue. Any suggestions other than euthanasia?
Do you have any advice for fending off aggressive dogs while riding a motorcycle?
My boyfriend's dog is awful - he doesn't listen and bites me. What should I do? Is this dog even capable of training?
We have two Portuguese Water Dog males. We have had aggression problems with the young male. What can we do to cement his submission to my wife and be more certain of his behavior?
We had an incident where my dog lunged and barked at a man. I'm wondering if this is a sign of problems to come or something provoked when I wasn't listening.
We were told that we should spray her with water every time our dog shows agression towards strangers or toys. Do you think this will work?
Last night my dog killed one of my parents' dogs presumably over food. I'm worried that this might create more dog or cat aggression. How can I prevent this?
My dog is very dominant and aggressive but has made a lot of progress these past 6 months. Recently, he seems to be going backwards again. Suggestions?
My GSD is very possessive of the food bowl. She growls at me when I go to let her out after she has eaten. What is a good way to fix this problem?
My dog awakens from a dead sleep snarling, baring teeth and barking when no one is around him, in or out of his crate. What do you think could be wrong with him?
My 3 year old PB/Shepherd cross attacked my father's dog and also snips at friends. Is it too late to correct this behavior?
I am seriously thinking of putting my dog down but can't find a vet to do it. The dog has bitten several people. What do you recommend?
My Yugoslavian Shepherd is very territorial and has bitten before. Does this qualify him as a
My 15 month old spayed female Lab has gotten estrogen shots, and now is being aggressive to a dog she has known a long time. Could the shots have caused the aggression?
My friend's Beagle has recently started snapping ar people. Do you think it could be a medical issue? She was fine until about 2 weeks ago.
My Rhodesian Ridgeback was injured and is now showing aggression when people come to our house. Do you have any advice?

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