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Q&A on Dog Aggression
I have 7 dogs in the house and I am having problems with the chow-mix. What would you advise?
Our 3 yr. Old male Bassett Hound is very aggressive to strangers. We have been told that removing the front 14 canine teeth is the way to correct this problem. What do you think about this?
Our Chow-mix has bitten three people. We are going to put the dog to sleep but a trainer said there was medication that could help. What do you think?
My husband’s dog Gus is very aggressive to me. I am expecting a baby soon. My husband knows Gus doesn’t like children, but won’t get rid of the dog. What should I do?
I want my dog to be able to protect itself, but not be a fighter, aggressive or dominant. Is this possible?
My neighbor has a protection trained dog that I am worried will kill our dog. What should I do?
Our neighbor has 5 dogs who roam the neighborhood freely. One bit my 10 year old and charged me when I went to help. What should I do?
We have a 5 year old GSD and a 5 year old Rat Terrier. Both are aggressive to visitors. Should I put an electric collar on these dogs?
I have a 2 year old dog that is extremely aggressive. The dog is very nervous of everything and everyone. What can I do different?
We have a therapy dog in our nursing home that I work at. It's a Golden Retriever that lies around most of the time. There is one patient that the dog growls at. Any idea why the dog does this?
My neighbor’s Husky has bitten my dog and 3 others, and the attacks seem unprovoked. Am I being paranoid by keeping my family away and being afraid?
In the past years my 3 year old GSD-Rot mix has attacked my wife 4 times. Last night it attacked me for no reason. What should I do?
My Bull Terrier has bitten my father and tries to bite me. I have hung him until he passes out and he sometimes still tries to bite me. What should I do?
My 8-month old dog will chase and kill cats. What should I do?
My 11 year old lab is dog aggressive. It was attacked as a young dog and hates other dogs. What can I do?
Our 1 1/2 year old dog has just started to act aggressive to our 9 year old dog and our children. What can we do?
Our 2 year old Golden Retriever has developed serious aggression problems with our family. She has had a lot of training. These aggression problems came on very suddenly. What can I do?
Our Rhodesian Ridgeback has bit two people. We are at our wits end as what to do. What would you suggest?
Our 15 month Springer Spaniel continues to dig under the back yard fence and chase squirrels. He's also been aggressive to us when he usually isn't. What can we do?
My 4 year old black lab suddenly began to act aggressive to our gardener. Should I be concerned?

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