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Q&A on Dog Aggression
Your solution for a lot of people who have aggressive dogs is to put the dog to sleep. I think this is poor advice.
My dogs only act aggressive to people who seem afraid of them. What do you think the problem is?
Our family GSD just bit the father of our son’s friend. My wife feels that we have a vicious dog and is concerned. Should we be?
Our son brought a new “rescue” dog into our home. It’s very aggressive with our existing house dog whenever we show the old house dog any affection. What can we do?
How do I get my Mastiff who can be dog aggressive, to learn to live with a roommate’s old shepherd?
My dog attacks other dogs that she sees when we are on walks. What can I do?
I have created a monster. Is it too late to change him?
How do you introduce a female into a home with an adult male who is a little territorial?
I have a problem with my dog barking at children.
How do you stop aggression in a dog?
Our dog chases children on bikes and is overly protective of myself and my husband. Is this a concern?
I have a rescue dog who is either very aggressive or very timid around tall men. Should I protection train him?
I have a Giant Schnauzer who I basically rescued at 2 years of age. He is overly aggressive and dominant. What should I do?
Our rescue dog aggressively nips at our visitors and strange kids. What should we do?
I have an older dog who has the attitude, 'Attack first before I’m attacked' towards other dogs. What should I do?
Last night while on a walk I was charged by a territorial Rot that got out of his fenced back yard. What should I have done?
My 18 month old Rot is very aggressive to strangers and other dogs. What should I do?
A neighbor has an 8 month old Rot that is terrorizing the neighborhood. What should I do?
My Rot isn’t aggressive to any of the stray dogs that approach us when we are on walks. He just stands there and looks at them. Is there anything I can do to make him more aggressive towards them?
Have you written an article on aggression?

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