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Q&A on Dog Aggression
I can't trust my dogs with other dogs. The problem stemmed from her being attacked by 2 Jack Russels who went for her face. Until this time she had been sociable with other dogs. I would appreciate your thoughts.
We recently took in a foster dog and my dog has become aggressive. Why has my dog changed all of a sudden?
My Catahoula Leopard Dog killed my Min Pin. What should I do?
My dog wants to kill everyone. We can't even take him for walks anymore. What are we to do now?
My boyfriend's dog has killed and eaten 3 cats that we know about and is aggressive to most animals. Is it possible to have her wear a muzzle until she understands not to go after cats?
My mom's 13 year old dog has been a biter since he was a pup. He is my mom's master and has bitten her several times severely enough to require trips to urgent care. Any thoughts or advice?
We rescued a 5 year old dog and for the first couple of weeks he was great. He is now growling at my youngest child and it's getting worse. It's hard to know what to do when all the answers I find on your website refer to buying a video. Is there anything you can suggest? We are willing to try anything.
Our one year old Golden Retriever has a tendency to get very aggressive. I've been bitten a number of times as have 2 of my children. Help!
We have a adopted a beautiful dog that likes to bite other people. We need help selecting a muzzle.
When our Rottweiler gets excited if we try to correct him he becomes aggressive, is there a way to prevent him from escalating to aggression?
Our 2 year old dog takes items and won't give them back. He brings the item near us and then we can't move because if we do he will become aggressive. Is there anything you can suggest that may help us?
My 13 month old GSD has excellent obedience as long as distractions are at a distance. Lately she's been jumping up on people and becoming more aggressive when meeting strange dogs & people. I'm starting 'Level 1' protection work with a trainer, is this a good idea? Do you have any suggestions for me about the jumping and increasing defensiveness?
My dog bit me & tore my lip and a couple months ago she bit my daughter in the lip. She isn’t a biter so I thought maybe she smelled other dogs on our clothing. She seems sad after each event.
Our latest trainer instructed us to muzzle and alpha roll our dog twice a day as a dominance exercise. Should we stop doing this?
My dog is aggressive towards other dogs while at agility class and while walking around the neighborhood. She is never aggressive at obedience & conformation dog shows. What would you recommend?
Will a muzzle help my aggressive dog realize that the group we walk with won’t cause her harm?
Our small dog is very aggressive and has bitten several family members. He runs after family members with teeth bared and acts like a wild animal. A trainer came to our home and when the dog attacked him, he held him up off the ground by the leash until he passed out. Our dog was really aggressive and did bite him but was this extreme in your opinion?
We don't expect my small dog to live long. I want to spoil him but I also want him to be a good dog. How should we train him?
I loved the video of you and Rush biking. Do you have any suggestions for keeping our runs/rides safe?
My boyfriend has a GSD that has bitten 2 people. This dog growls and shows his teeth at me everyday. My boyfriend says the dog does this because I don’t give him love and attention. The dog won’t listen to either of us and does what he wants. Help!

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