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Q&A on Feeding Dogs
Every time I give my German Shepherd a bone to chew on he gets diarrhea. Can you suggest something for him to chew on that won’t upset his stomach?
I began feeding a raw diet to my Boxer about 3 months ago. I make a grind of chicken quarters, beef and organ meat. Is there any reason not to mix the variety of meats together?
If we feed our dog raw chicken and he happens to bite one of our free range chickens will he associate the food in his bowl with the live chickens on our property?
I recently switched my dogs to a raw diet and they are itching. Could they be allergic to chicken?
My dog had a mesenteric torsion surgery & had 30% of his small intestine removed. He recovered and is doing well except for horrible gas. Do you have any recommendations?
I have a 17 and a half week old German Shepherd pup. What supplements would you recommend I need to purchase to add to his raw diet?
Our female has been fed a raw diet since she was 6 months old with no problems. She is in the early stages of a planned pregnancy and the only vet I have access to advises I should stop raw feeding and switch her to Science Diet puppy food. I don't want to do that, can you help?
My dog has been raw fed for a while and really doesn't like chicken, he seems to prefer pork, beef & sometimes fish. I don't want to put him back on kibble, do you have any suggestions
My dog hates sardines, how do I get him to eat them?
At what age do you introduce Honest Kitchen to your litters of pups?
I recently switched my dogs to a raw diet & they throw up bile due to low blood sugar if meal time is late, do you have any suggestions?
I am planning on switching my dog over to natural food soon. Can I really trust a grocery store to sell me chicken that is safe for my dog before cooking it? Aren't there dangerous pathogens that are destroyed with heat?
My dog has recently been having stomach problems. Is there anything I can give him to settle his stomach down?
Will the slow feed bowls be effective with dogs that eat their raw too fast?
How do I teach the stay command to my dog?
Is the higher content of alfalfa in Honest Kitchen Preference ok to feed on daily basis?
Is it ok to freeze Flea Free?
I'm thinking about switching over to raw feeding. I like the dehydrated food, but it's too expensive for 3 large dogs. What would you suggest?
My puppy starts barking at us when we are working on basic commands, could we be doing something wrong? He also makes a huge mess when he eats. Any suggestions?
My dog has been sick and the vet is scaring me about feeding raw. Should I just give him raw? Do you agree? I have no one else to ask.

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