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Q&A on Feeding a Raw Diet
Every time I give my German Shepherd a bone to chew on he gets diarrhea. Can you suggest something for him to chew on that won’t upset his stomach?
I began feeding a raw diet to my Boxer about 3 months ago. I make a grind of chicken quarters, beef and organ meat. Is there any reason not to mix the variety of meats together?
If we feed our dog raw chicken and he happens to bite one of our free range chickens will he associate the food in his bowl with the live chickens on our property?
I'm interested in starting my puppy on a raw diet. Are the books you recommend up to date?
Will a raw diet change my dog's mood or make him aggressive? If my 3 year old son falls and bleeds, will my dog be attracted to his wound?
I started the raw diet about a month ago and my dogs are doing well except that they eat very fast & swallow their food whole. Is there any way to get them to slow down?
I recently switched my dogs to a raw diet and they are itching. Could they be allergic to chicken?
My 10 month old puppy is on a raw diet and kibble but he has a lot of gas and seems constipated. Do you have any ideas?
I have a 17 and a half week old German Shepherd pup. What supplements would you recommend I need to purchase to add to his raw diet?
Can a dog get a blockage from raw chicken legs?
My dog has been raw fed for a while and really doesn't like chicken, he seems to prefer pork, beef & sometimes fish. I don't want to put him back on kibble, do you have any suggestions
I recently switched my dogs to a raw diet & they throw up bile due to low blood sugar if meal time is late, do you have any suggestions?
I’m thinking of rescuing a cat, would they eat the same raw diet as a dog? Can they chew bones?
If I am feeding a raw diet, how much bone should I be feeding my female during pregnancy and after she has her litter?
As dogs fed a raw diet age, does the diet have to change? If so, at what age?
My breeder said not to feed raw meat because it will awaken his hound hunting instincts. Have you ever heard of such a thing?
Is there any correlation between excessive panting and a raw diet?
Are cheaper, older chicken backs with extra parts ok to feed or should I spend a little more for a younger bird?
My dogs won't touch the chicken leg quarters unless I use my cleaver to chop them into manageable pieces, is this a problem? Is calve's liver a fair source of organ meat a couple times a week?
I am feeding my two German Shepherds a raw meat-only diet. I would just like to check this is healthy. Should I be varying their diet more is it ok to only feed them raw beef?

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