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Q&A on Feeding a Raw Diet
My 13 year old dog is allergic or doesn't like many foods. Can you recommend the supplements he will need that he won't get from his raw food?
We have two German Shepherds & switched to raw about a week & a half ago. Initially they were in heaven, but now they have both had the runs on & off since we started. Should I add to, drop something?
I'm a bit worried about feeding her fish. I know it's good for her, but does the same thing apply to fish bones as to other meat? Can I feed her whole mackerel-type fish with heads and fins and bones?
What is the appropriate feeding temperature of a raw diet? Do I serve it straight from the fridge or at room temperature?
I would like to take advantage of the seasonal availability of whole turkey? Are there any precautions on feeding turkey and are there any parts that I should avoid?
My dog has been sick and the vet is scaring me about feeding raw. Should I just give him raw? Do you agree? I have no one else to ask.
I have been feeding my dog just meat (alternating between chicken and organic beef) and eggs. Could I cut the meat in half and also feed her cooked brown rice or oatmeal for the other half of the meal?
Our dog starting shedding a lot last spring after 2-3 months on a raw diet. Our vet said it was from feeding her raw food and wanted us to switch her to a kibble. Could her shedding be because she’s allergic to chicken?
I purchased raw chicken thighs and legs and just noticed the expiration date was 12/10/10 (today is 12/12/10). Is it safe to feed this?
My dog has been on raw for a month but he keeps getting diarrhea. Any input would be appreciated.
My pup continually has loose, watery stools. At first she had gardia, but no longer tests positive for it. Any advice?
I’m switching my 6 month old dog to a raw diet, will she start jumping on the counter when we are fixing meals thinking it is her food?
I have a Giant Schnauzer 10 week old puppy. I noticed today that his front legs are bowed. Is this normal for a puppy? I feed 3/4- 1 # of raw chicken necks every other day. Should I cut that down? I read your article on Pano and didn't know if bowed legs was considered Pano. Please advise.
I noticed that you feed canned Mackeral and canned Salmon. Is there too much salt in the two of these or will it be fine?
Do you recommend warming up the meat portion of a dog’s food when feeding raw?
You stress the vitamin E is very critical in the raw diet, but I can’t seem to find the reason for that and am interested in knowing. I would appreciate your thoughts.
My dog has been on a raw diet for 3 months and she is constipated, what can I do?
Our dog was recently switched to a raw diet. She did fine for a couple of weeks and then started to vomit yellow bile and even vomited right after she ate a couple of times. I know there are a couple of books you recommend, will they help us with this?
I have 2 chihuahuas and have switched them to a raw diet but I’m terrified. They choke on their chicken drumsticks and act like they are choking to death. Can you help me?
My vet said eating raw chicken is unsafe for humans and why would you risk your dogs health by feeding them raw chicken?

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