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Q&A on Feeding a Raw Diet
I was told that if you feed dogs raw meat, they will become vicious and kill animals. Is this true?
What is a recreational bone?
What is a RMB?
What about my new puppy? He was fed kibble at the breeder’s place. How do I switch him? I don’t want him to get sick.
Is kibble actually bad for my dog? He seems really healthy.
Why should I switch my dog to a raw diet?
My vet told me my dog would get sick or DIE from feeding a raw diet? I am having second thoughts about switching.
I am interested in feeding the BARF diet, what do I do first?
I was wondering if I can cut a small chicken in half and feed it to my dogs?
My 5 month old puppy chews on her front paws. What can I do?
My 15 week old Golden developed diarrhea after his shots. What do you suggest?
My dog has isn't eating well. Instead of devouring his food, he sniffs, walks away, and looks at me. What might be the problem?
Do you have a suggested source for the digestive enzyme for dogs and for the non-dairy probiotic?
I told a local boarding kennel to feed them adult food but was told that I should feed them puppy food and was wrong to keep them thin. What should I do?

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