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Q&A on Barking & Whining
My dog barks ferociously at anyone passing my car when I'm not present. I'm considering a bark collar but I don't want to inhibit his protective instincts. Suggestions would be appreciated.
Will the bark collar shock my dog when he drinks water or chews on a bone?
My 6 year old dog has a growing issue with barking, can you give me some direction?
Our dogs bark when we are at work. If we put bark collars on them will they still be able to play together?
Would a bark collar help with my dog's whining?
My dog became over stimulated by the bark collar while walking and bit my leg. Did I address this situation correctly?
I have my dog in her crate pretty much all the time like it says to do. She won't quit barking! AHH! It's making me crazy! What do I do!
How do I get my dog to stop barking every time someone passes my apartment door?
Any suggestions to curb/minimize barking behavior other than ignoring the behavior?
My dog barks obsessively in his crate when I take my other dog out. Any suggestions on what I can do?
My dog barks at other dogs when on leash probably because he was attacked a couple of times by off leash dogs. Can you point me to a DVD or an article that will help?
Is there a muzzle to use for a short nosed/pug nosed dog to help with barking?
We are debating on whether to purchase a bark collar for both our dogs or an Educator training collar. What would you recommend?
My pup used to break out of the crate. I've now made that not possible, but he now is tearing up blankets and barking loudly. Would a muzzle help?
My dog barks at other dogs barking. I tell him QUIET when I hear other dogs bark first and can often avoid barking, but I don't always get the chance. Do you have any advice? Should I add a correction?
After trying all training methods, at what point should an owner consider using a bark collar for a younger dog?
I recently boarded my dog and his voice seems to have changed. He greets me differently and isn't as chatty. What do you think happened? Will his normal voice come back? What can I do to get it back?
We have been using the Tri-Tronics G3 Bark Limiter on our 1 year old female German Shepherd with great success, but last night the collar malfunctioned.
Can I use the Tritronics Bark Limiter and prong collar together to work on my dog’s reaction to other dogs?
My 6 month old dog is already well behaved except she barks at individuals with darker skin. Any suggestions?


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