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Q&A on Electric Collar Training
We are using the Educator 3/4" contact points for our Malinois. Are these the correct size?
My dog is dog aggressive after being attacked. Would using an electric collar help with his situation?
My 2 year old dog needs to be crated when I am not home because he will destroy things and it makes me feel like a bad owner. I will be purchasing an ecollar, would it be ok to use it to teach him what he's not allowed to grab?
When we take our dog to the beach she takes off and we can't catch her. Should we use a shock collar?
I've been told by some trainers that I can use the remote collar on my new dog the day I get the collar & I only need to leave it on for one hour before using it. Is it necessary to leave the collar on for 2 weeks before using it?
Which videos should I order to begin training with my puppy? Also, in regards to training with food and the e-collar, do you do one or the other or can you combine the two?
I’d like to train my new puppy to go trail riding with me, do you have a reliable source on how to do work with my pup around my horse? I was thinking about using an ecollar for this. Do you have a recommendation for an electric collar?
My 2 year old GSD has become leash aggressive to other dogs over the last 6 months, would the ecollar be effective for this problem?
How do I break my dog's habit of chasing my one stupid cat around the house? Would a pinch or ecollar be helpful?
My 6 month old dog did reasonably well in obedience class but he nips our daughter, chews our shoes and chases the cat. Which ecollar would you recommend?
My GSD will chase down my other dog and sack her when they are running. I’m considering using the ecollar, but I don’t want to diminish her prey drive. Is it OK to use the collar for this?
Is it better to say no or come and then give a correction via e-collar when he does not listen or it it better to not say anything and just correct him with the e-collar?
I tried a Walmart e-collar on the highest setting, but it didn't work. Which of your e-collars would you sugges?
I started dog training and mentoring with someone. I would like your input on an incident with an ecollar that happened recently.
My dog barks at other dogs when on leash probably because he was attacked a couple of times by off leash dogs. Can you point me to a DVD or an article that will help?
I'm not sure if a prong collar or an ecollar is the best choice for our situation. What do you think?
I hired a trainer to help with distraction training and he created a bad experience with the ecollar. What do you think of what happend?
Your electric collar training methods worked great for me!
Do you have a snap lock collar for the Educator ecollars instead of the regular buckle collar? Our dog jumps and bites us anytime we try to approach him so we are having a hard time putting collars on him.
I got my dog as a guard dog and he has unpredictable episodes of aggression to other dogs. How do I keep him from killing other dogs.

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