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Q&A on Electric Collar Training
Would an ecollar help me get my dogs focus back on me while around other dogs?
After my dog turned 1, he developed a shyness toward people (mainly men). Some have suggested that this is because of using the ecollar. Can the use of an ecollar on a shy dog make him worse or cause the shyness?
My vet suggested an ecollar for gaining control of my dogs while walking/jogging, but sometimes neither will heed a "nick" warning and the low level correction goes completely unheeded. Do you have any advice for me?
Our recently adopted dog is determined to kill my cats. I just watched the Remote Collar training video, but I'm not sure that I should get a remote collar. What would you suggest?
We recently adopted a 5 year old GSD, we’ve had him 3 weeks. He chases our horses, what can we do? Would an invisible fence work to contain him?
I want to start using the ecollar on my 5 month old puppy for jumping up and mouthing my wife and kids. Can you recommend a collar for us?
We have been using the Tri-Tronics G3 Bark Limiter on our 1 year old female German Shepherd with great success, but last night the collar malfunctioned.
The ecollar I bought has a DVD and I was wondering how it compages to your ecollar DVD.
In Remote Collar Training for the Pet Owner DVD, you state to use a NO command followed by a NICK. Wouldn't this be teaching my dog that she has two chances to comply?
I read that you taught your dog to stay in front of you on the trail, while you were horseback riding. How did you do that?
Do you have an opinion on the best type of response, (passive or aggressive), to use in narcotic detection?
My pup chases the cats. She is not agressive but wants to play. Should I start giving her corrections at this age when she starts to mess or chase the cats?
I have a well behaved dog, but everyonce in awhile she does the 'zoomies' and I'm not sure how to handle it. What do you advise?
How would I approach the problem of chasing larger vehicles with the electric collar?
My dog does great with the ecollar outside, but inside she hides and acts strange. Why do you think she might be doing this? Any suggestions?
I have some questions about using an electric collar, can you help?
Is it possible for a dog who was previously oblivious to the ecollar to become collar wise?
I've had the Innotek automatic bark collar and had a bad experience with it. I'm worried a remote collar will lead us down the same dead-end road. Is the Dogtra 175NCP the right one?
My dogs are great with their vests on but at home, they jump on people and turn a deaf ear to anything we tell them. Would you recommend an ecollor for these issues?
I live on a farm and my 18 month old GSD is free as a bird. Lately, she has been tracking me when I leave. How Should I continue using the collar?

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