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Q&A on Electric Collar Training
Our 10-month-old is aggressive to other dogs. Our vet and a police K9 training facility recommended us to use the ecollar but our trainer disagreed. What do you think?
Do you think it is a good idea to use an e-collar to house train a dog?
One of our dogs is dominant aggressive and last year fought with our 10 year old GSD and caused her death. Would proper use of the electric collar resolve this?
I'm working with a successful trainer who started my dog at a 5 with the Dogtra when she worked with him. My understanding is to start low and then work your way up. Am I wrong?
How do I incorporate the pager into my electric collar training?
My 185 lb dog is perfect on the leash except for when he sees another dog, and then he rips it out of my hand causing considerable pain and injury. How can I stop this?
Is marker training a prerequisite for e-collar training or are they completely different?
Will the electric collar work on a 2 year old GSD that goes ballistic at the front door whenever anyone knocks?
Did I make any mistakes in using the e-collar for too many different issues on day 1?
Does back yard play biting and chasing between my dog & my son’s dog contribute to more aggressive chasing?
My dog is showing an interest in chasing shadows, if I correct him for this will it ruin his drive?
Is there a setting on my Tritronics electric collar that is dangerous for my 35 pound Border Collie?
I’ve had good results with the Dogtra 202 NCP with my small dogs, is there any reason I should not use it?
My dog hid in the bushes after I used the electric collar the first time, did I completely screw this up?
Do you feel that my training warrants the use of this collar? Am I on the right page?
My dog does fine when he is wearing an electric collar, but when I take it off he does not respond the same way. What did I did wrong or how can I improve the use of the collar?
My dog killed one of our chickens today. Is it likely that we will be able to teach him to respect the chickens again? What do you think we should do?
I purchased a collar, charged it and put it on my dog and it didn't seem to work. The dog did not respond at all to it. I don't know how to test it. Any suggestions?
I want to train my high-drive GSD for S&R. Would buy the Dogtra 280NCP work for my needs?
I am wanting to purchase an electric collar for my Saint Bernard. Which model would you recommend for an 105 lb saint. He is 11 months old?

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