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Q&A on Electric Collar Training
I have a 1 year old Malinois. I want to make him neutral to other dogs and I wanted your advice on how to do this.
What should I do if my dog does not really respond to a nick at a certain level but will respond to continuous on that same level? Does this mean that my level is too low?
I am deciding between the Dogtra Electric Collar and the Tri-Tronic. What is the real difference? Do they not accomplish the same thing?
My Pitbull runs arouns in circles around my apartment. Will a high-level stimulation help? Or perhaps I just need to exercise her more?
What would be the best e-collar for my one year old great dane?
I have a Maremma sheepdog. I would like to use E collar to stop some of her behaviors - jumping up. What approach would you recommend?
My husband is a police officer and we have a female GSD who he has been training. She seems to be fixated on the cats, would you correct her for simply looking at the cat?
My dog keeps scratching him self on the neck and is making it raw. I never leave the collar in the same spot I have also tried to keep it looser. Help?
My big problem is with recall especially once I start to play with my dog and she isn't focused on training. I tried working her with an e-collar. What do I do now?
Do you feel a properly applied e-collar program would be the best plan on curbing some of our Brittany’s behavior? Does this sound like a dog vs. wife dominance issue?
My GSD pup is 16 weeks old. I was thinking of purchasing your "Dogtra 280NCP" collar and your E-collar DVD. Would this be the right collar for a puppy?
Is it a mistake for a dog owner to skip sit, stay, and down using the ecollar, and instead teach the recall first? Is e-collar training a mistake for such a dog?
My 27-month-old male Doberman is a little sloppy with minding when he doesn't have the collar on. He is not as quick to respond. Any ideas?
We are exploring the dogtra training collars, mainly to help me feel a bit more in control of our dog. We are looking at the Dogtra 200NCP or the 280NCP. Which do you recommend?
Do you feel there are some dogs that shouldn't receive e-collar training based on their attitude or temperament?
My dogs fight as soon as I turn my back. Would it help to put shock collars on both of them so they wouldn't fight?
I would like to know if the Dogtra 280 NCP is the right ecollar for my dog.
I have a question on when it is okay to allow my dog to chase and when it isn't and how to train that.
I plan on training my dog in protection work. I am wondering what are the differences in how e-collar is used for pet owners as opposed to training protection work.
I recently purchased a jumping problem, now I'm wondering if it can also be used to help a barking problem or do I need the No Bark Collar? What do you recommend?

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