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Q&A on Puppy Training
Can you tell us how to housebreak our puppy?
Why is it so important to work with a ball on a string with young pups?
Our pup is 4 months old. She is almost impossible to walk down the street because she pulls so hard. Should I take corrective measures?
My son has a 4-month-old GSD that snaps or bites often. Should this be acceptable considering his age or should it be corrected?
My wife and I have ordered a pup from you and have a few questions on puppy training.
My pup seems to want to fight with other dogs, what do I do?
I have a 10 week old American Pitbull Terrior. He is very aggressive toward strangers already. Should I be concerned?
My 8 month old Rottie growls at me when I try and take his toy away. What should I do?
I am 64 years old and have a very hard time cutting my 19 week old German Shepherd puppy’s nails. What should I do?
The ears on my 14 week old German Shepherd pup were up. 2 days ago one went back down. Should I be worried?
What are the concerns in adding a 3rd dog to a family?
What are the best toys for puppies?
We have a 12 week old male and have introduced him to our older 2 year old female. Our smaller pup will grab onto the nake of the older's neck and won't let go. Why?
I am a little concerned about our 130 pound Mastiff being around my daughter.
We have a 6 month old lab that is very snappy. We also have a 7 and 9 year old. How can we stop this behavior?
Am I screwing things up by leaving the 'place' mat out and then my dog going to her place and not getting rewards? Or does she know that rewards only come with the command?
My pup barks & yips early in the morning to get out and fed. I've tried everything I can think of. What do you suggest?
My puppy screams, howls, pees, and poops when left alone. How do I teach her that separation is ok?

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