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Q&A on Puppy Training
No one is home during the day. Would it be ok to leave the pup outside in a secured dog run with a dog house during the day?
I think my new pup is too small for being 8 weeks old, he seems more like 5 or 6. What are your thoughts?
How big will my GSD be?
I am being told that my daughter's pup's behavior of licking faces and chins is a dominance issue, while my intstinct is that it's submissive. What is your take?
I just got a puppy and I live with four other roommates. I need to set rules on how they handle him. Do you have any suggestions?
What is a good way to teach my dog that it is ok to stop barking/being protective? Also, one of the ears is still soft, do you suggest I do anything yet?
I'm wondering, as a fellow GSD owner, what you think of my long haired GSD that I have been showing.
My pup growls when anyone pets him. I don't want this behavior to continue or to grow into something else, how can I stop this?
The GSD I am waiting for is 4-weeks-old and the mother has disappeared. Should I take the puppy in now?
I'm not sure how to deal with taking away something from my pup when I think he should no longer have it. Any suggestions?
My 11 week old female GSD eats rock and gravel. How can I stop her from doing this?
My pup is doing great but I'm still having some problems with submissive urniation. He also poops a lot in large amounts. Is this normal? Any ideas?
My bulldog hates being walked away from my apartment. I usually have to coax him or carry him. Do you think a prong collar would help?
When working on commands, my pup knows when I do not have a treat for him. Will I need to use a prong collar when he gets older?
How do I get my dog into dog shows, boarding kennels or vet offices if I don't vaccinate?
Can you explain Puppy Rushes?
What are your thoughts on free feeding pups?
I accidentally scared my 3 month ol Mal and she released her anal glands. Is she always going to do this? Will it affect her nerves?
I just got a puppy. I can only take it outside once a day. Do you have any advice on training her with potty pads.
I am being pushed to join a puppy kindergarten class by the owner. I prefer to train my puppy myself. What do you suggest?

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