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Q&A on Puppy Training
I have a 4 1/2 month old GSD from Czech lines. He is afraid of strange people and is dog aggressive to strange dogs. What should I do?
My dog tears up my bedding when I am gone. Do you have any ideas?
Ever since I corrected my puppy for growling at me, she acts fearful. What should I do now?
My 14 week old puppy pees when he is excited. He is also moody about his eating habits. Do you have any thoughts?
My 4 month old puppy is very dominant over her littermates. She even tried to bite my husband when he tried to stop her. Do you have any suggestions?
My 11 month old Schnoodle is terrified of the invisible fence. It's only been a week and she is scared, hence resulting in accidents in the house. Ideas?
We have an 11 week old Cockapoo that is aggressive. A trainer told us that we should put the pup down or give him back to the breeder. What are your thoughts?
My 12 week old puppy will not follow us, and cries and screams when we pull her on walks. Please help!
My Weimeraner pup tends to eat her food too fast. What can we do to slow her down?
My 6 month old female GSD has been showing signs of being weak nerved lately. What do you think?
My 12 week old pup scratches and bites himself excessively even though nothing is wrong with his skin. Do you have any advise about what to do?
My obedience class lets the dogs all run loose together at the end of class. Should I let my 6 month GSD loose as well?
I have small children. My 8 week old puppy snapped at food from my hand yesterday. What should I do?
I read your instructions on socialization of dogs. My question is how do you do proper socialization if you never allow your dog to come in contact with strangers or other dogs?
A local trainer recommended that we get a choke collar for our 16 week old Golden Retriever that pulls too hard when we walk him. Should we?
My 5-month-old GSD is very protective and barks aggressively at any dogs when I am out with it. It's the alpha dominant pup. I have some questions...
We have a 10 month old GSD that we think is bored during the day while we are at work. Should we buy a second puppy to keep him busy when we are gone?
Our 12 week old puppy is very nervous when in the crate, whines and cries the whole time, and drools terribly. Will he get dehydrated?
I just bought 2 GSD puppies. They like being in the same crate. Should I allow this?
I will be going away for the weekend. My vet has a kennel and I can leave my young pup there. Will it effect my dog's training and development?

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