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Q&A on Puppy Training
My male Jack Russel almost killed our new female puppy. What should we do?
I would like to get a German Shepherd, but I am out of the house for about 12 hours a day, five days a week. How long can a dog remain in the crate?
I have a GSD that doesnt want to bond with me. What can I do?
We found what looks to be a purebred black lab roaming in the ditch in the country. Would it be a good hunting dog?
Is there a such thing as a 'fear period' that puppies go through?
We have a 12 year old cocker and just got a puppy. The pup is terrorizing the older dog. What should we do?
Our puppy is afraid of other dogs. Two older dogs bit it. Our local instructor told us to squirt bitter apple in it's mouth if he screams.
My puppy was attacked in a dog park. How can I recognize when a dog is going to attack my dog?
When I work with my puppy on the puppy tug, he goes for the handle and not the tug itself. Why is this?
My 3 1/2 month old GSD has a slight overbite. Will he grow out of this?
When we are gone our 7 month old GSD chews up everything in the house. What should we do?
My husband corrected our 12 week old Border Collie for running to the food bowl. Now he wont eat. What should I do?
Almost every day my 6 month old Britany escapes from her crate when we are at work. What can I do?
I have an Airedale pup who throws a fit if it doesnt get its own way. What should I do?
When should you neuter your puppy?
Should I imprint my new puppy for police work?
I have a 5 day old litter, should I be concerned over the weight gain on our small female?
What does the 'Stamped Normal' mean on a pedigree?
I bought a 6 week old puppy, (the last of 14 in the litter). It screams when we go near it. What should I do?
I only have 30 minutes a day for my dog. How do I train it to be a protection dog?

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