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Q&A on Puppy Training
My 8 month old dog loves other dogs and is very playful. When at the dog park he grabs other dogs by the face and ears & won't let go. The other owners at the park think my dog is aggressive and judge me as an owner. Should I use a muzzle?
If my puppy refuses a command, do I say NO or just lure him into the position I asked for?
When I play tug with my 9 week old GSD pup he humps after winning the towel. Is this a worry?
My new Malinois puppy will not stop barking/whining and crying in the crate, she chews on the bars and throws a tantrum. I've had her for 2 days and 2 nights, do you have any suggestions?
Is it a bad idea to teach my 17 week old puppy to play tug or do some Schutzhund protection if I don't plan on working with a helper?
I've had several people tell me that my 9 week old lab is too young to go for walks. Do you agree?
Which videos should I order to begin training with my puppy? Also, in regards to training with food and the e-collar, do you do one or the other or can you combine the two?
When I’m walking my puppy and it’s time to turn for home he plants himself and refuses to budge. Using marker training methods do I correct him, drag him, lure him, formally call him, or what? I don’t want to have a fear motivated dog, what should I do?
My real question is what tug is the best for a smaller dog and are there any special training techniques for working such a small slow developing dog?
I have an 11 week old GSD puppy from strong working lines and he's very smart and catches on to things quickly. I'm interested in training him to be a good companion and personal protection dog, which videos would you recommend? You have so many, I'm a little confused on where to start.
When my 10 week old pup is playing with other dogs she gets really wound up and we have to hold her down or grab her by the scruff to make her listen. She screams and tries to bite when we do this and it can take a long time before she settles down. How do I calm her down so she doesn't feel like she needs to bite? She doesn't bite in any other situation & I don't like scaring her.
My 6 month old puppy tears up everything in my back yard. I’ve tried spanking him, hollering at him, and tieing him up as a time out but he escapes from collars & harnesses. Please help!
How do you introduce a puppy to a flock of chickens?
We have a 4 month old puppy that displays uncontrollable aggression to other dogs. We socialize him at pet stores, horse shows and with kids at every opportunity. I'm concerned because he's going to outweigh me when he's mature and he has already lunged at my friends dog and his teeth nicked me in the thigh when I got in the way.
My 10 week old puppy has coccidia and is being treated for it. His appetite is OK but he's not interested in treats, should I hold off on training with food right now?
Is it alright to let my old dog correct my new puppy for bad behavior by barking and growling at him?
I’m confused about allowing my puppy to have toys in her ex pen. She’s a 9 week old GSD. She also bites me when I try to play tug with her and my arms are all bandaged up. How can I stop her from biting me without damaging her drive?
Can you maybe give me some advice about how I can teach my pup that playing with other people (me, my boyfriend and so on) is fun?
I'm getting a new puppy and I'll have lots of time to spend with him. How much time should I spend on training each day as he grows up?
Is it recommended to NOT keep a puppy from a mother's litter? Also, my vet said the first set of puppy shots is not needed. What are your thoughts?

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