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Q&A on Behavioral Problems
My dog gets stressed out when we need to handle him for flea treatments or baths, do you have any advice?
My son has a laser light and my 10 month old dog loves chasing the light. Now she's constantly looking for lights and shadows all the time. Is there a way to train her out of this?
My 11 month old GSD lays down on the ground and refuses to get up when it's time to get in the car. Today she mouthed me hard when I tried to pick her up. Help!
My 14 month old Rottweiler has become obsessed with her crate over the last 2 weeks. I'm considering removing her crate from the house, do you have any ideas?
Our 11 month old dog is very disobedient, he jumps on us, steals food from the counters and barks all the time. I feel like I need to start over with his training, is this possible?
My dog bites at my hand & feet and jumps a lot. How can I get rid of these behaviors?
We have an outdoor dog that loves to dig. Nothing we've tried has worked. Do you have other recommendations as to what can be done to save our yard from being destroyed but also allow her more freedom?
My dog can sit for hours constantly mouthing a stuffed animal toy. Can you shine some light on what we might be seeing? Is this a nervous tic or a precursor to guarding?
Our 11 month old embarrasses me by humping me or even family members. How do we deal with this?
My 11 month old dog gets what we call the zoomies. He tucks his butt and runs around like he's nuts. Why does he do this and what should I do about it?
My dog is afraid of sneezes and coughs. She cowers and tries to climb in your lap. How can I get her to stop being afraid?
Our dog eats paper and clothes. He ate my checkbook, money and disability parking pass. Do you have a muzzle you would suggest?
My 4.5 year old dog goes nuts over the vacuum cleaner. Is there any way to train her that the vacuum isn’t for lunch?
Our GSD has always barked when he hears noises outside but now when he hears something he quickly goes after our other dog as if she were the threat. How can I get him to stop associating our other dog with noises he hears outside?
My 17 month old dog has travel anxiety, can I use an e-collar to help this?
My dog obsessively marks outside when we go for walks. Any suggestions?
Over the last two years, our dog has become increasingly yappy. Should we considered a training collar, or is there something else we should try?
What DVD would you recommend to help me learn how to deal with a dog that has crazy resource guarding habits?
My dog barks at other dogs when on leash probably because he was attacked a couple of times by off leash dogs. Can you point me to a DVD or an article that will help?
I'm due to have a baby in 2 months and I'm thinking about getting rid of my 3 year old dog. The reason is that when I let her from outside, she jumps on the sofa and acts very hyper. I don't want her to jump on my new baby. I thought I would check with you first.

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