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Q&A on Behavioral Problems
My dog likes to smell and eventually lick our other dog's urine until he begins to slobber and salivate. How do I correct this behavior and what is the cause of it?
We have a dog who enjoys chasing cars. Any ideas how to handle this?
I received a dog through the internet. It currently is always in defense/prey mode and will growl, bark, and even bite at anything near. Is there a solution for this?
I am having the hardest time getting my pup to wear his collar. As soon as the collar goes on he lays in a corner and whines the entire time. Help!
Our neutered white GSD slipped on our stairs and is now afraid of them. What can we do to help?
My dog has recently become afraid of a few things showing signs of submission. What might be the problem?
We left our pup out of his crate and left him for 4 hours. When we returned, he tore up some papers. I corrected him for doing this but was it the right thing to do?
My dog has automobile anxiety and is nearly unmanageable when on board. What would you suggest?
My dog attacks the garage door. How does one alter this behavior?
My dog eats stuff on the beach when I let him run free, what would you do?
I'm looking at the rubber mats you carry as a bedding option. Can you descrip the durability. My dog chewed a hole in the soft bed I bought overnight.
I just saw the dog bite photos of the person who rolled the dog over in an alpha roll. I have been rolling my dog for tick inspection. Should I be doing this?
My 1-yr-old dog is tearing up rugs when we're not at home. We discipline her but it doesn’t help. We never catch her in the act. Please help!
I have a 1 year old Lab-Mix, that loves to visit the neighbor dogs, chase squirrels, turkey, deer, etc. Your advice PLEASE?
What’s the best way to keep a dog from jumping up on you?
My dog panics during thunderstorms, can you give me any advice?
I can't get my dog to stop eating the dog house. What should I do?
I have become partially disabled over the last several years and would like to teach my dog to assist me. Is there some way I can teach her to assist me?
My dog loves to roll in really bad things like cat droppings. Are there any steps I can take to discourage this?
Some of my dogs always chew up their beds and blankets when I’m not home, what can I do?

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