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Q&A on Behavioral Problems
I was wondering if it is possible to train a lab to stay out of the pool. Do you have any tips or suggestions on how I can train him to stay out of the pool?
I have an unusual problem with my dog, he does not like for us to pet him. Is this something to be concerned about and do you have any suggestions?
Our 11-month GS female pees from excitement when a new person greets her. Are there any helpful hints for this situation?
I have a 1-yr-old female GSD. She became shy several weeks ago even to people she'd been friendly with before. She'll pee submissibely if someone pets her. Ideas?
I got my dog from the Humane Society. She chews up paper and wood. Do you have any advice, and if so, which type of muzzle would be best for her?
I have a 3-yr-old American Bulldog preparing for the CGC test. Since day one, she has been a submissive wetter. Will this get my dog disqualified?
We have a GSD 2-1/2 yrs. We would like to stop her from trying to catch insects. Do you think persistence with "leave it" will be successful?
We have a chocolate lab who is very hyper. We have a problem with him staying off the counters and going in the sink. Please help.
My pup of 16 weeks is starting to show "stranger anxiety." Should I do something now while she is still young?
In the last month, our 4-month German Shepherd has been chasing her tail and barking. This is usually displaed when she is excited. Any suggestions?
I'm nervous about putting my dog in the crate because of his thunderstorm anxiety. Do you guys have any experience with resolving thunderstorm anxiety?
I have 2 German Shepherd pups that dig up holes in my lawn at night. I don't know how to solve this problem. Advice?
Our golden retriever stays in our yard with an invisible fence. She barks at dogs and people who walk by. Any thoughts?
I have a high energy, 4 year old Rottweiler. She goes nuts" over the pickups and suvs that drive by. Would you be concerned about this behavior?
Is there a way I can teach my 7 year old son to correct our dog when he geats too rouch while playing?
I have a couple of problems with my new pup, including a dislike for the car, sometimes getting car sick, and bitting at me when I'm at his level. How can I fix these problems?
Recently, my GSD started chasing her tail. We were thinking about breeding her soon, but now are not sure due to this. Is she ok? What can I do to stop this?
My Rot pees all over himself and everything when he is scolded. Please help.
We recently adopted a baby and one of our dogs has started to jump up on us while holding the baby. We have corrected him and he is doing better, but should we be worried?
My 12 week GSD puppy growled and tried to bite me when I gave her a correction. She has never shown aggression before. What should I do?

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