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Q&A on Behavioral Problems
My 12 week GSD puppy growled and tried to bite me when I gave her a correction. She has never shown aggression before. What should I do?
Our 6 year old GSD has recently become fixated on her tail. She will bite and chew whenever she is alone. Do you have any suggestions?
I have a GSD from Czech lines. I am not sure how to correct her. I have beentold that if I mishandle her, she might become handler aggressive. What do you think?
We have a neighbor that has 30-40 dogs that roam the area killing small animals and even an 800 pound sow. What can we do?
My dog constantly jumps up on the counter. How can I stop this behavior?
My 1 year old Black Lab chews on everything. I don't like to chain her up, but she absolutely shreds things when I am gone. How can I stop the chewing?
I just adopted a 1 1/2 year old GSD. He is a wonderful dog, but he gets into things at night when we are asleep. I have mixed feelings about crating him. What can I do?
My 5 month old Shepherd is starting to be dog aggressive. I want to control this behavior before she fully matures. Do you have any suggestions?
My 8 year old Dalmatin digs holes in my carpet. What can I do?
Our dog is obedience trained but it continues to jump on guests that come to our house. We alpha roll her when she does this.
I think my young dog has weak nerves, when the door bell rings he runs to the door barking with his hair up. Should I correct this behavior with a prong collar correction?
My import puppy is chasing his tail. Is there anything we can do?
My dog has separation anxiety, it will rip the siding off my home if left outside too long. What can I do?
Our dog tears up my wife’s outside plants when we leave him alone in the yard. What can we do?
I think my dog is suffering from separation anxiety. What can I do to fix this?
My husband is going to put my 12 year old best friend to sleep today because it chewed up the new carpet. What can I do?
My dog has good prey drive but gets very nervous when exposed to new situations. I have your DRIVE and FOCUS video - will this solve the problem?
My 2 1/2 year old Golden is aggressive around his food. We have a baby and are concerned. We have been to 4 different dog trainers and their recommendations are not working.
My son and I live with my parents. They have a 9 month old Akita that they treat like a human member of the family. It is not trained and has the run of the house. What can I do?
Our Aussie is aggressive to children and strangers. Our breeder told us that kids must have done something to the dog and another breeder told us to kill the dog. What do you think?

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