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Q&A on Behavioral Problems
My 10 month old dog almost bit me when he was barking at something he saw in the front yard (through the living room window). Why did he do this?
My dog does not like being in the dog crate and he jumps and nips at people in the house. What can I do?
Our 9 month old female is very nervous of large trucks when we walk. What can I do?
My dog tries to rescue people who are in our pool. He is getting too rough. What can I do?
My neighbor’s dog barks so much I am thinking about poisoning him. What can I do?
My dog escapes from everything we try and leave him in. He chewed through the basement door. What can we do?
I think my dog has a reaction to vaccinations that have left him very aggressive. What can I do?
My dog's a 1-yr-old doberman. We have never walked him. I'd like to start walking with him but he cowers when we put the leash on him. What to do?
My 9 month old GSD has been through puppy obedience classes. But when he comes into the house he jumps all over the furniture, chews on the kids, and will not listen. What should I do?
Our 3 year old dog runs away and gets in fights with other dogs. We don’t understand this mysterious behavior.
My 14-month-old Boxer, which has been through obedience classes, has started to lunge and grab and bark at my hands to get my attention. What video should I buy to stop this?
Our 6 month old pup is getting into everything when we leave. We cannot keep him out of the garbage, and we cannot stop him from being destructive. Can you help us?
I have helped a friend who has a 5 year old Bichon, the problem he has is he goes nuts when people want to leave the house, to the point of snapping and lunging. What do I do?
My dog has a serious problem with submissive urination. It urinates even with the slightest voice command. What can I do?
We have a problem with our 2 year old Dobe mounting my daughters and other female guests. What should we do?
My 8 month old lab will not allow me to take his toys. Yesterday he bit me when I took his toy away. What should I do?
My dog strips the bark of trees. What can I do?
I noticed that you don’t hesitate to recommend that some people put their dogs to sleep that have serious temperament problems. I use natural medicine and have had good results.
My dog eats rocks. What can I do?
Our dog nips at our hands and legs. I tried to yelp and turn away when he did this, (to make him stop). It did not help. What can we do?

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