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Q&A on Dog Attacks
Our leashed dog was attacked by an out of control dog yesterday. What can we do to defend our dog in the future?
How do you deal with the owners of loose dogs that charge up to your puppy?
My Catahoula Leopard Dog killed my Min Pin. What should I do?
What if you protect yourself from a charging dog and the owner accuses you of animal cruelty?
My dog barks at other dogs when on leash probably because he was attacked a couple of times by off leash dogs. Can you point me to a DVD or an article that will help?
My dog has started attacking one of my other dogs who has heart problems. I'm afraid my dog is going to kill the other dog. What would you suggest I do?
My roommate's friend brought her aggressive dog over and this dog and my dog got in a fight. Since then, she's been growling at other dogs, not biting, but still. How do I correct this bad behavior?


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