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Q&A on Separation Anxiety
My dog is bored when home alone, she gets into things while I'm gone. Any ideas on how to stop this?
When we drop (our dog) off at daycare, he is showing separation anxiety. He tries doing these little nips at the staff when they put him in the runs in the beginning of the day. Should we nix daycare?
My pup used to break out of the crate. I've now made that not possible, but he now is tearing up blankets and barking loudly. Would a muzzle help?
I adopted a dog as a companion for my old, deaf dog who suffers from separation anxiety at night. Unfortunately this has not helped with the anxiety. Do you have any advice?
How do I know my dog's 'ghosts' are gone and can I transition her back to a reinforced kennel?
Our dog constantly breaks out of her kennel. I'm thinking of trying the 24/7 crating with bark collar. How do I know her
How can we better address separation anxiety? Are these medical problems common among the GSD breed? Is this something that she can grow out of as a puppy? Would you ever recommend medication? Outside of more intense daily exercise, is there any other solution?
My dog has become destructive when we leave. Would a muzzle help and is it ok to leave it on him during the day?
My dog has some separation issues. Can you recommend some training video that could help?
My husband and I have a pup, who shows real signs of separation anxiety. Every single day she urinates and defecates in her crate, without fail. Is there anything I can do differently?
My usually well behaved dog recently began chewing items from low tables and shelves. Should we go back to the basics and retrain? What do you suggest?
My new rescue is frightened of the crate (possibly used for discipline) for reasons we can only speculate. Is restricting him on a leash when we go out a option? Any ideas?
When we leave our 11-month-old in the kennel and comeback, his legs and belly are soaked. We believe he has separation anxiety. Any suggestions for us?
My young dog has an uncontrollable urge to escape my yard, is this because he isn’t neutered?
My 11 year old dog has a defecation and urination problem. He will sometimes go when we leave the house, room, or leave him in the car. What should we do?
We adopted a dog 3 months ago and he goes nuts when we leave the house, the reaction is almost immediate. What should we do?
Our 6 month old lab goes into stress mode when we leave her, what should we do?
We have a yellow lab that is 4 years old and she recently began chewing up our house when we are gone, what can we do about this? We’ve had Rotties before so Lab behavior is new to us.
My dog has hip dysplasia and he gets very upset when I drop him off for his physical therapy at the university. He settles down as soon as I’m out of sight. Is this separation anxiety?
My dog is chewing up the walls in my house, what can I do?


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